Saturday, June 4, 2011

List of Life

It's been a little while, but felt a little inspired to blog again. Hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying the first portion of June!

Our life as a list:

1. Summer is coming! Garden is in - we have tomato plants, peas, beans, kale, peppers, broccoli, spinach. Hoping it's a good year, and hoping it consistently stays warm.

2. Some of my favorite books I've read lately: "Power of Play", and "Bittersweet".

3. We're taking a break from all extracurriculars this summer. Sometimes we all need a break and rest.

4. We're getting a play structure for the kids today. Yay!

5. Work has been crazy for both of us. Seriously crazy for me. I have 28 cases, with three more on the way, and two more referrals.

6. That said, God has answered a prayer regarding work. I've been working a ton - enjoying the job, but not really wanting to be away from the kids three or four days a week. My boss approached me about going down to two days, so that we could move someone else into our program. I was like, um yes, I do! So starting July 1, I will be transitioning down to two days a week. Excited to have more family time, and still keep my job.

5. We've designated Sunday as a media free day for the family. No movies, television, internet. Just a day of rest.

6. We've had a sick week in our house. The girly was sick last weekend, now I'm not feeling the greatest and the little man came home with a fever yesterday. :(

7. The little guy had his two year birthday a couple of weeks ago. Crazy how fast time goes. The big guy had his much much much older birthday too. He built a computer to celebrate. :)

8. Looking forward to lots of beach time, berry picking, CSA shares, and farmers markets. Hooray!!!


Elizabeth said...

Love the idea of Sunday as a media free day. Might have to copy. :) Good to hear from you in the blog world - can't believe our little guys are both two (well Jude's ALMOST 2). Time flies!

Sheri said...

Yes, time does fly! So fun to see the little one grow into their personalities and see how God is shaping them.

And please feel free to copy. It's a breath of fresh air.