Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back To School

For some reason my blogs are not showing up. And it's now allowing me to publish some of them. Hopefully this one works.

1. Today was our girl's first day of school. She was so excited. I was excited. The only one who shed tears was the little brother who didn't get to go. We made up for it by going outside, and playing at the library.

2. We chose Montessori. I know a lot of people think it's a little weird, but everything so far has made so much sense - a family picnic, orientation in which we left her for an hour to learn the process, allowing each child to learn at her own pace, emphasis on work and responsibility. Plus is helps knowing that my girl loves loves loves the teacher.

3. Speaking of my girl - she has made her bed (without us asking) the past two mornings. What is going on? I'm loving it though... and it's impressive how nice of a job she does.

4. My boy is certainly a boy. I spent an hour the other day throwing the bouncy ball to him, while he swung is bat to hit it. Amazingly enough he had decent aim... today he requested that he wear his "soccer ball" shirt.

5. The hubby is supposed to make a business trip this fall to China - it's gonna be a long trip, and my evenings are filling up. Praying for peace, wisdom, and a patient spirit with the kiddos, and that he has a safe trip.

6. Can I just say that I love going to out of home work for two days vs. three and four?

7. It's cold here. Happy for fall, sad to be freezing when I wake up.

8. We Found this fire station on craigslist. Saving it for a Christmas gift for the little guy. I now have Christmas on the brain, and it's only the beginning of September. Any other ideas for little boys? Have to admit that I have a million and one ideas for the girl...

9. The hubs and I have been doing the 30 Day Shred and trying to attend our local (free) zumba class when I can. Seriously. The 30 day shred is hard work. I might be the weakest person I know - still doing the cheater push ups.

10. I've found that I'm very restless now that I'm home a little more - maybe even a little lonely, even though we see friends quite a bit. The sermon we heard on Sunday talked about "being still", and I think God meets us in that restlessness - if we don't try to fill that feeling with other things. Looking forward to a more regular quiet time now that life is a little slower for us.

Friday, June 10, 2011

1. We have knobs and pulls our cabinets now. This is a big deal. Not only does it look great, but it means we're getting to the finish line... Next up: trim on the cabinets. Forgive the poor photo - the little guy was tugging on me while I was taking it.

2. Have discovered that I actually do like coffee... but only black with maple syrup in it. It's pretty great that way.

3. Now we have to buy a gallon of maple syrup to make it last. This is the brand that we use - local and oh, so good.

4. I've been eyeing this pendant light. I've never bought anything from Pottery Barn, so this feels really indulgent. Looking doesn't hurt anything... right?

5. I'm always amazed how I can justify some purchases (like the light fixture), but we've been without a microwave for over nearly a year now, and we're not planning on getting another anytime soon. Weird (though we didn't use it much anyway).

6. It is definitely boating season here in the great up north. The little guy has been quite obsessed with all of the boats that we have seen lately.

7. And he definitely loves the beach, but really, who doesn't?

8. Fun, but tiring weekend of farmer markets, a wedding and a bridal shower. I had fun putting my friend's gift together (had to sneak my fave Mrs. Meyer's scent into it).

9. We've been talking a lot about our "story" (Donald Miller "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years"). I have so many thoughts and emotions on this book - what our story is about as a family, and it rekindled my motivations and renewed peace in a lot of areas in my life. This is a whole other post, and I do promise to share.

10. I've written two posts in a week. Yay for me.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

List of Life

It's been a little while, but felt a little inspired to blog again. Hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying the first portion of June!

Our life as a list:

1. Summer is coming! Garden is in - we have tomato plants, peas, beans, kale, peppers, broccoli, spinach. Hoping it's a good year, and hoping it consistently stays warm.

2. Some of my favorite books I've read lately: "Power of Play", and "Bittersweet".

3. We're taking a break from all extracurriculars this summer. Sometimes we all need a break and rest.

4. We're getting a play structure for the kids today. Yay!

5. Work has been crazy for both of us. Seriously crazy for me. I have 28 cases, with three more on the way, and two more referrals.

6. That said, God has answered a prayer regarding work. I've been working a ton - enjoying the job, but not really wanting to be away from the kids three or four days a week. My boss approached me about going down to two days, so that we could move someone else into our program. I was like, um yes, I do! So starting July 1, I will be transitioning down to two days a week. Excited to have more family time, and still keep my job.

5. We've designated Sunday as a media free day for the family. No movies, television, internet. Just a day of rest.

6. We've had a sick week in our house. The girly was sick last weekend, now I'm not feeling the greatest and the little man came home with a fever yesterday. :(

7. The little guy had his two year birthday a couple of weeks ago. Crazy how fast time goes. The big guy had his much much much older birthday too. He built a computer to celebrate. :)

8. Looking forward to lots of beach time, berry picking, CSA shares, and farmers markets. Hooray!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Okay, so it's been nearly a year since I wrote my last post. Hmmm... that probably won't change. I'll just keep this blog open for when I feel inspired and have the time to sit. Here's my life in list format:

1. The sun is shining AND it's Friday. Praise God. Please make this snow go away.

2. Eden is sporting her ballerina outfit this morning. She's been showing me what she learned from class... I've never taken dance before, but I did not know there was a balloon move.

3. A friend gave me farm fresh eggs the other day. Mmmm...

4. Blessed that my clients continually open their door week to week allowing me to join in on the mess of daily living. Certainly wouldn't get this kind of relationship if they came to my office. It's an honor to have my job.

5. Rhys is counting and starting to sing the "abc" song. This stage is so much fun.

6. One month since we've become debt free! We took the month off from money management and bought an armoire and flat screen TV. Our old, old, old TV has served us well over the past eight years, and to the others before it was given to us.

7. I miss our early years in which we didn't have cable TV. Trying to convince the hubby to go back in time. He ain't buying it. :)

8. God is doing an amazing work in my life. He's leading me through a hurdle that I've been staring at for a little while, and it's so humbling and wonderful to see where we're going together.

9. Eden keeps asking to take piano lessons. I am incredibly excited about this... though she should probably wait another year? Anyone know when an appropriate time to learn happens to be?

10. Thinking about school for the fall... considering montessori, public preschool, and even homeschooling.... yikes. Liking montessori the most right now.

11. Trying to gear up for a 5k in spring with a friend and some family. Hoping it's warmer than last year.

12. So proud of how hard my wonderful husband works to provide... and still has time to play with the kids and do chores around the house. So blessed to have him.

13. Getting ever so much closer to being done with our house... we still have to do lighting, trim, another painting job, backsplash, but... we're closer. :)

14. Looking forward to spring break! We're all taking time as a family to do some fun close to home activities... maybe water park? Children's Museum? Discovery Center? So excited.

15. It's spring people! Hooray!!