Friday, June 10, 2011

1. We have knobs and pulls our cabinets now. This is a big deal. Not only does it look great, but it means we're getting to the finish line... Next up: trim on the cabinets. Forgive the poor photo - the little guy was tugging on me while I was taking it.

2. Have discovered that I actually do like coffee... but only black with maple syrup in it. It's pretty great that way.

3. Now we have to buy a gallon of maple syrup to make it last. This is the brand that we use - local and oh, so good.

4. I've been eyeing this pendant light. I've never bought anything from Pottery Barn, so this feels really indulgent. Looking doesn't hurt anything... right?

5. I'm always amazed how I can justify some purchases (like the light fixture), but we've been without a microwave for over nearly a year now, and we're not planning on getting another anytime soon. Weird (though we didn't use it much anyway).

6. It is definitely boating season here in the great up north. The little guy has been quite obsessed with all of the boats that we have seen lately.

7. And he definitely loves the beach, but really, who doesn't?

8. Fun, but tiring weekend of farmer markets, a wedding and a bridal shower. I had fun putting my friend's gift together (had to sneak my fave Mrs. Meyer's scent into it).

9. We've been talking a lot about our "story" (Donald Miller "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years"). I have so many thoughts and emotions on this book - what our story is about as a family, and it rekindled my motivations and renewed peace in a lot of areas in my life. This is a whole other post, and I do promise to share.

10. I've written two posts in a week. Yay for me.


Elizabeth said...

Coffee with maple syrup, hm? I'll have to give it a try, And I might have to try some of that brand you use - it looks like it's priced fairly. That pendant light is lovely! We are working on some more projects around the house and struggle with justifying purchase too.

knittingma said...

LOVE the light fixture! And your cabinets look amazing. Yay for you guys! Miss you.

Sheri said...

Miss you too, Becky! Hope the last stretch of pregnancy goes well for you! Can't wait to hear about the newest addition to your fam!

kristin said...

ditto on what b said. that pendant is delicious. where would you want it to reside? your kitchen? i've also heard that microwaves aren't awesome for bodies... but have you heard that about a pendant light? :)

those cabinets are striking.

Sheri said...

Kristin -

I like the way you think. :) Actually that's part of the reason we haven't replaced the microwave. I'm not sure where we'd put the light - maybe the kitchen, maybe in the office area or the dining room. It looks fairly small ish doesn't it?