Friday, April 24, 2009


I should be packing and gearing up for a big day before the move. I think we've reached our saturation point, so it's a good thing tomorrow it's "all over" (meaning, we'll only have one place to deal with!).

We've been preparing E for the move, and last night the "lellow house" was all she could talk about. How we could plant flowers (red and yellow ones) in pots, have a sand box, etc. Each time she would say something exciting about the house, she'd put her hands up in the air and exclaim "Hooray!" Her personality is really starting to shine through... she's a pretty neat kiddo.

We have gotten a lot done this month, as we've geared up for the move. We've put two plus coats of paint on every room in the house. We've put in a new sliding door in our house, repaired our deck, cleaned and cleaned (and need to clean some more), knocked down a partial wall in our house, and moved appliances inside. We are changing the carpet in the bedrooms, and are saving money for hardwood floors in the living area/kitchen, and maybe redoing the cabinets in the kitchen. So we're getting there, but there is still much work to be done.

Praise God for His provision in our lives though, as we love the layout of the house - it's great being able to see what E is doing while I'm in the kitchen. We were blessed to find such a steal (especially for the area), with a low, great interest rate. Our total mortgage payment (taxes, insurance, the whole deal) is just a little higher than our rent! Just in time for the baby to come, and just after a raise in such a struggling economy. We are trying to be wise with God has given us. We've entertained the idea of getting a loan to get everything done now, but have committed to using cash so that we don't get in over our heads... it's so easy to do with a house.

Well, time to scoot and get moving on the day. Much to be done, but at least we get sunshine to give us the energy to do it!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We're still alive

Wow. I cannot believe that a month from Tuesday is my due date. I was thinking the other day that the date was the sixth or seventh of the month... only to find that it was tax day.

Things have been incredibly busy for us as we prepare to move into our house. We do have some photos, but they're still on my camera, and the cord is packed away, so it'll be awhile until they're uploaded.

We have been painting and painting and repairing and painting some more. Boy, things look so different than just a couple of weeks ago. It's crazy how a little (okay, really it was a lot of) paint can make a big difference in the look of a home. Every spare waking moment is spent working on the house, preparing for moving day. We're still not done, but I like to think we're getting closer?

We have been blessed to have many people offer to help. Our families have been so great at coming up to help, and we've had friends and co workers come over... we are surrounded by lovely people. We are SO thankful that they've sacrificed so that our house can get done in time for us to move. Praise God for willing hands and feet, yes?

So please forgive my absence. I anticipate even longer quiet spells once baby is here. :) Happy spring to you all and hope you had a lovely Easter.